UC Santa Barbara Lagoon

The UCSB Lagoon is bordered by the UCen to the north, Campus Point to the east and south, and the Manzanita Village dormatory with its popular Carillo Pool to the west. The Lagoon forms the picturesque backdrop for graduation ceremonies and the The Club at UCSB (formerly known as the Faculty Club). Since 1999, the Lagoon has been the focus of extensive landscape and habitat restoration efforts by the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER), harnessing the combined efforts of student interns, staff, and faculty. An interactive, self-guided nature tour authored by CCBER is available for those with extra time to enjoy the Lagoon’s spectacular beauty.

The Labryrith

The 0.6 mile-long labyrinth path located on “Lagoon Island” is perfect for getting away from daily stresses and connecting with your inner self. It took two months to construct this intricate yet simple path made of decomposed granite and river rocks in 2011. Carol Greer, the mastermind behind this masterpiece, suggested this idea and donates the money to make it happen. Greer was inspired to introduce this to UCSB because, “the Labyrinth is a universal cultural symbol used since ancient times for contemplation and meditation. It is often viewed as a metaphor for life’s journey.” It is free to the public and is recommended for all students and visitors to experience it’s calming beauty.

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