Chasing Sunsets

By Stephany Rubio

Franceschi Park

If you’ve ever been walking around downtown State St. in the evening hours and looked up to the hills on the East you probably saw a mountain with a bunch of houses and lights on it. There, hidden at the top the Riviera Hills on the Eastside of Santa Barbara is Franceschi Park. It is quite a trek to get up there, but if you find your way up Alameda Padre Serra Road all the way to Franceschi Lane, you will find a panoramic view of all of Santa Barbara and it’s beautiful harbor.

Hendry’s Beach

There are multiple beach sunsets to catch in all along the Santa Barbara County Coastline, but Hendry’s beach is one of the most beautiful with a view from above and below. On this beach, you can find one of the only off-leash beach areas in the county as well as an off-leash dog trail above the cliffs at Hendry’s Beach at the Douglas Family Preserve.

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