Campus Point

Campus Point (geographically known as Goleta Point) is a scenic coastal outcropping that defines the southeast corner of the UCSB campus. Bounded by the lagoon to the north and 30-foot rocky cliffs to the south and west, Campus Point is UCSB’s “park” of sorts, serving as a beloved destination for hiking, jogging, beach-combing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, and more. The site is well known for its surf and fair swimming waters. It is the primary on-campus beach escape, and is one of the most beautiful features of our campus.


Campus Point is the most popular surfing spot at UCSB. You can see people surfing practically every day! There’s also an Adventure Program you can join which lets you rent out kayaks and surfboards. At the point there are some rocks that the waves hit and create tidepools, which are very fun to explore. You can learn about all the animals you see in the tidepools at the REEF!

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