Best Things to do in IV

Movies in IV

Free Tuesday Films

As a student at UC Santa Barbara, you actually have access to a lot of free resources and events. These films are put on by the A.S. Program Board every quarter. Not just old hits, a lot of newly released films are shown.

With only a UCSB Access Card required, movies are free. Be sure to stock up on snacks from the nearby 7-11 or even a slice from Pizza My Heart because you are more than welcome to bring ‘em in.

Showings are at IV Theater. Find the film schedule on Facebook here!

Magic Lantern Films

While not free, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center also shows new films for just $4. There are two show times (7PM and 10PM) at IV Theater. View their scheduled showings online!

IV Live Presents Improvability

Seeking a more interactive experience? Need a laugh after spending hours in the library? For just $3, you can find UCSB’s premier improvisational comedy troupe performing every Friday evening at 8 pm in Embarcadero Hall in Isla Vista.

Delighting audiences with themed shows, a dynamic cast, and the funniest skits anywhere, IMPROVABILITY is the way to get your weekend started! Voted “Best Late Night Entertainment” at UCSB! Learn more about them on their page!

Student Organization Events

On the lookout for something a bit more meaningful? Join an organization on campus! Or, just support them! The most recent event put on was the 21st Vietnamese Culture Night In Full Bloom on May 18, 2019. The spectacle is produced and put on by the campus’s Vietnamese Student Association. “In Full Bloom” explored the story of Han Le, a twenty-one-year-old community college dropout who has forgone a college education to help out at her mother’s restaurant. As the protagonist comes of age, she struggles to come to terms with the overwhelming sense of debt that she feels towards her single mother. When someone new comes into her life, however, Han is forced to confront the implications of her indebtedness on her queer identity and dreams for the future. The show incorporates a dazzling diversity of entertainment: acting, singing, spoken word, and dancing (contemporary, traditional, hip-hop, and pop). All of the acts were coordinated by UCSB students themselves. 2018’s full show is available on Youtube here. Vietnamese Student Association also hosts an extremely amusing and fun time at their Pho King competition (male pageant contest) in winter quarter. If you would like to see what Vietnamese Student Association has to offer, you can find the most updated information on their Facebook page. Kapatirang Pilipino had showcased their student-organized Pilipino Culture Night earlier this winter quarter as well! There are, however, several other cultural oriented groups on campus. If you aren’t looking for a cultural organization in particular, there are countless other events put on my organizations, such as: Alpha Kappa Psi’s Refugee Benefit Show (talent), Isla Vista Improvability (comedy). SS805 dance showcases, Naked Voices concerts, etc. Stay in the loop by getting involved on-campus.

IV Open Market

Here’s an opportunity to walk around and admire the beauty that is Isla Vista, as well as support the community. This is an event where Isla Vistans can take part in something something wholesome while enjoying the weather. It all goes down at Little Acorn Park, which is right across the street from 7-Eleven. Whether it be secondhand clothing, vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, sustainably made clothing, you might find it there. It is also an opportunity to Marie Kondo your life and sell whatever no longer sparks joy. If you’re moving out of dorms or into a new place, get rid of what you have been hoarding. Support small businesses and be sustainable. There are usually 30+ vendors participating. You will definitely be able to find something for yourself. But, if you’re trying to save up, you can pay $10 to be a vendor yourself! To see what is being offered and when, these events are can be easily located in your Facebook search engine.

UCSB Student Events

Gauchos are blessed by the A.S. Program Board and all their efforts to bring the best acts to our campus. Previous artists that have performed in the Hub have included Mura Masa, Khalid, Robotaki. Not only are there countless concerts and Battle of the Bands/DJs planned by the AS Board in the Hub but there is the most anticipated event of spring quarter—Extravaganza. The 2018-2019 school year was gifted the following line-up.

Basically UCSB’s very own festival, you are free to come dance out the post-Coachella blues or exam-induced stress at Extravaganza. For UCSB students only, the day concert only requires an Access card and a bit of a trek to Harder Stadium. However, if you’re not feeling music, there are a plethora of other events made available. From Free Bagel days to Free Goat Yoga and events with distinguished people (ex: In Conversation with Nathan Fielder), you would be hard-pressed to not find something to do here in Isla Vista. For more information on all A.S. related events, you may find it on their Facebook or site! So, go out there and have fun!

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